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A CTTC Research Associate is invited to the “Palacio de la Moneda” in Santiago de Chile to collaborate in the definition of the priorities in R&D investments in Chile

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On November 7th the Forum “Telecommunications as a tool for integration and digital development in Chile” will be held at the “Palacio de la Moneda”, Santiago de Chile. Professionals of telecommunications engineering and different politicians will attend the Forum in order to define the priorities in Chile R&D investments during the next years.

In the context of an internship as a Visiting Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering in the Universidad Tecnológica Metropolitana del Estado de Chile (UTEM), Dr. Carles Fernandez, Director of the Communications Subsystems research area of the Centre Tecnològic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya (CTTC), will participate as an invited speaker in such an important event, together with the Chilean professors Dr. Hugo Durney Wasaff, Dr. Fernando Ulloa Vásquez and Dr. Héctor Torres Bustos.
During his internship in UTEM, Dr. Carles Fernández is working together with Dr. Hugo Durney y Dr. Fernando Ulloa towards the definition of the contents of the future Master in Telecommunications Engineering. This Master has as its main objective the training of academic professionals who will support a pregraduate course in the same area of knowledge.
Additionally to these activities, Dr. Carles Fernández works with the research team involved in projects related with rural connectivity (Cochomó) and integration of marginal areas by means of digital radiocommunications technologies (Proyecto Haps).
The CTTC research associate will also be involved in different meeting in the Universidad de Concepción and in the astronomic observatory in the Coquimbo Region. He will also realize a trip to the Juan Fernández archipelago and in the Cochamó area in order to evaluate the progress of the projects initiated by the Telecommunications area of the UTEM.
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