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CTTC participate in NOBEL2 demostration at ONDM 2008

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The IST project NOBEL 2 (Next Generation Optical Networks for Broadband European Leadership) is an Integrated Project funded by the sixth Framework Program of European Union. NOBEL 2 consortium consists of 32 institutions offering wide expertise and technical excellence in the area of optical components and networks.

NOBEL 2 partners are network operators, equipment manufacturers, Research Centers and Universities, from more than ten European countries, which cooperatively work to enhance optical transport networks for a pervasive introduction of broadband services in Europe. One of the main objectives of NOBEL 2 projects is the experimental demonstration of network concepts in integrated testbeds with special emphasis on end-to-end applications.
The final demonstration of the results obtained during the last two years, in the framework of NOBEL 2 project will be presented at the ONDM 2008 conference, which is a major event in the rapidly growing area of optical networking addressing recent advances in the design, modelling and implementation of optical networks. This conference will be held in Vilanova i la Geltrú, Catalonia, Spain, from March 12 to March 14 2008.
NOBEL 2 demonstration is realized in the framework of next generation optical networks aimed at transporting high volumes of data. Specifically, the demonstration focuses on the interaction between the two main standards competing for the control of these infrastructures, that is, ASON-OIF (Automatic Switch Optical Network) and GMPLS (Generalized Multi-Protocol Label Switching). For the realization of these experiments, a Pan-European, heterogeneous (SONET/SDH, LSC, etc) network demonstrator has been built, consisting of the interconnection of multiple demonstrators (Telecom Italia, Deutsche Telekom, Telefónica I+D) geographically located in different European cities (Torino, Berlin and Madrid). The interconnection of the multiple platforms is managed in a centralized fashion from CTTC premises (Centre Tecnològic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya), integrating in this way an all-optical, intelligent, transport network. The solution provided by NOBEL2 project allows the interaction of the two standards mentioned above by means of a centralized ASON-GMPLS strategy, which acts in a transparent manner with respect to the involved experimental platforms.
The CTTC will lead this live demonstration. CTTC contributes to the NOBEL2 Pan-European control plane emulator with its testbed ADRENALINE, which stands for "All-optical Dynamic Reliable Network hAndLINg IP/Ethernet Gigabit traffic QoS". The ADRENALINE testbed has been developed entirely by and at the CTTC in the framework of the Optical Networking research area, which aims at combining research on innovative network concepts with experimental research validation.
For more information about NOBEL2 project, you can go to: For more information about ADRENALINE testbed you can go to:

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