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The CTTC gets the international publication of a patent

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One of the main objectives of the Centre Tecnològic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya (CTTC) is the promotion of the technological innovation. After five years of research and development activities, several technological patents have been generated. The CTTC, besides focusing its activities of R+D towards experimental environments, is developing a set of patents. This activity, usually known as Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), should permit the technology transfer to industry. One of the patents submitted by CTTC has already been internationally published with the number WO 2007/101451 A1.

The inventor of this research is Dr. Xavier Mestre, coordinator of the radio communications area of the center.  The developed invention presents a system and a methodology for estimating the directions of arrival of one or several radio signals.  The typical mechanisms used in this kind of detection need a minimum power level.  The CTTC proposed solution, permits to considerably decrease the value of this threshold, that is, it allows the correct estimation of the directions of arrival of the signals with lower power.  Besides, the method invented is especially useful in situations in which the number of available observations is small.  To sum up, we can say that the patented system permits to improve the reception of signals when conditions are deficient. 
Moreover, during this year, the CTTC has requested the publication of three additional patents related to other research and development activities carried out in the center.  The first one is a signal processing scheme for wide band communications systems using satellite channels. This scheme takes advantage of the information of the antenna radiation diagram. By using this information, the signal is processed before its transmission, improving the performance of the system. 
The second patent describes a method for allocating a minimum downlink power from a transmitter of a cellular multi-user multi-antenna communications system. This amount of power is dependent on the channel interference and on a predetermined quality of service requirement per user.
Finally, the third patent defines a system and a method to characterize the capacity of a wireless node to detect the activity of other nearby wireless nodes when implementing a distributed access communication protocol.
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