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Thrombotargets Europe is an innovative Biotech Company based on Drug Discovery and Development of new medicines focused on inherited and acquired Hemorrhagic and Thrombotic disorders. Furthermore, Thrombotargets is developing projects in other interesting therapeutical areas like Atherotrombotic, Cancer, Neurodegenerative and Ageing related disorders.

Thrombotargets is a Biotech Group of companies. Thrombotargets Europe is the holding company.  Each company in the group represents a different area of expertise. Thrombotargets Corporation, based in the Research Triangle Park in Durham, North Carolina is focused on product and business development; Biotech Libraries, based in Castelldefels, Spain is focused on the design and synthesis of targeted screening compound libraries, as well as on the management of the High Throughput Screening Center; Thrombotargets Development, based in Alcalá, Spain, is focused on the cGMP production of biological Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Thrombotargets Pharma, based in Barcelona, Spain, is focused on the drug discovery and on the development of new drug candidates.

For more information visit  the web site of  Thrombotargets

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