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Setting up in the PMT

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Units in the RDIT building

Anticipated opening date: 2012
Possible activities and specialist areas
  • The building is designed for work in the following areas:
Research and development 
Technological innovation 
Provision of advanced technical services 
Technology transfer 
Transfer of human capital 
Promotion of business initiatives

  • The following types of activity are not permitted in the PMT:

  • Priority will be given to the following specialist areas:
Information and Communication Technologies 
Aeronautics and Space Engineering 
Agri-Food Engineering and Biotechnology 
Optical and Photonic Sciences and Technologies 
Geo-Information Technologies 
Environmental Technologies 
Numerical Methods in Engineering

Selection criteria 
  • Proposals must be consistent with the activities and areas described above
  • Innovative contentScientific and technological excellence
  • Financial independence
  • Proposals must be market-oriented and focus on innovative output and technological advance
  • Capacity to generate highly-skilled job opportunities
  • Collaboration with the programmes run by the other bodies operating in the park: educational institutions, research centres and companies 

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