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The PMT aims to promote and encourage training, research and links with high technology companies.

The Mediterranean Technology Park is home to the Baix Llobregat Campus of the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC,

UPC was created in 1971 from existing technical colleges in Barcelona, Manresa, Terrassa and Vilanova i la Geltrú and has been in a constant process of expansion ever since. The University is now a leading institution in architecture, sciences and technology both at a national and international level.

UPC currently has thirty thousand students who attend its 25 schools and faculties (16 run by UPC and 9 associate schools). Students quickly find employment after graduating from UPC.

UPC plays a major role in carrying out research and transferring its results to society. The University enjoys a high level of international recognition and is an active member of five leading university networks (CESAER, CINDA, CLUSTER, TIME and UNITECH).


The Mediterranean Technology Park offers training in the following fields:
Telecommunications and Aeronautics
The courses in the fields of Telecommunications and Aeronautics contribute to the growth of a large socio-economic sector that accounts for 10% of the GDP. They form part of one of the most important R&D programmes in the EU and account for approximately 20% of this programme’s total research budget.
Bioengineering, Agri-Food Engineering and Biotechnology
The courses in the fields of Bioengineering, Agri-Food Engineering and Biotechnology are essential to a key sector in the Catalan economy that accounts for 17% of the GDP, which exceeds that of the chemical and transport industries put together. The Catalan agri-food industry is Spain’s leader in this sector and employs 77,300 people.

The Mediterranean Technology Park is a key centre for training, research and technology transfer in a number of sectors, including Telecommunications, Aeronautics and Space Engineering, Bioengineering, Agri-Food Engineering and Biotechnology, and has become a research leader in these fieldsmbits.

Research is a basic line of activity at the Mediterranean Technology Park.

  • It is carried out in the following fields:
Information and Communication Technologies 
Aeronautics and Space Engineering 
Agri-Food Engineering and Biotechnology 
Optical and Photonic Sciences and Technologies 
Geo-Information Technologies 
Environmental Technologies 
Numerical Methods in Engineering

  • It promotes a multidisciplinary platform for cooperation between:
University Departments 
Research Centres and Institutes 
  • By bringing together different lines of research and levels of organisation in a single campus, the PMT aims to create synergies that will benefit both its own institutions and the business sector in the region in the following areas:
First cycle, second cycle and doctoral courses 
Specialised and continuous learning 
Technology transfer 
The promotion of innovation 
The creation of spin-off companies

Links with high technology companies
  • The Mediterranean Technology Park combines training and research with the following in mind:
Technological innovation
Technology transfer
Transfer of human capital
Promotion of business initiatives

  • The Park provides an environment in which professionals, lecturers and students feel part of a single community:
Companies can gain first-hand knowledge of the teaching, research, theses and products developed
Lecturers are given greater freedom to direct research towards the needs of businesses
Students are offered work experience and their final theses can be used to address real problems


  • The Park acts as a business catalyst that provides added value products and services with the following aims:
To develop RTDI projects commissioned by or designed for industry.
To develop continuous learning programmes.
To provide work placements for graduates with a high level of training in applied research and development activities.
To correctly direct the basic research that is carried out in all UPC schools and departments

  • The Park is a centre for the creation of new initiatives whereby:
 Spin-off companies are incubated in a business creation centre
R&D bodies enter into partnerships with other companies or institutions
Specialised workshops are run on specific added value technologies
UPC innovation activities are undertaken
Junior companies (partnerships set up and run by students, whose aim is to establish ties between the university and companies) can be linked to courses in order to stimulate relations with the business sector and to encourage student participation

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